Bridge on Race Exterior View LEED Gold design

LEED Gold Design. Go Green. Save Green.

Smart Phone Screen


- Approximately 25% electricity savings compared to new, code-compliant buildings. All Bridge apartment homes feature Smart Thermostats controlled by the resident within the unit and / or through a Smartphone branded app (a first in Philadelphia).

- High-performance building envelope protects the interior from extreme temperature swings along with high-efficiency window glazing for both thermal insulation and sound attenuation.

- Extremely robust and efficient HVAC System allows for adjustment by the resident within the apartment—heating or cooling at any time.



- Over 8,000 sq ft of accessible rooftop terraces, including live plantings and full size trees. The live plantings capture significant rainfall and help to reduce water runoff into the city’s already overwhelmed sewer system. The live green roof also dissipates heat from the building.

- 100% low and no VOC emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, and flooring resulting in higher indoor air quality compared to other new, code compliant buildings.

- 100% No Smoking building.

Bridge on Race Rooftop View
Bridge on Race View of Bridge


- 40% water use savings compared to new, code-compliant buildings, saving approximately 2 million gallons of water annually.

- Storm water management system captures approximately 85% of the rainfall, using a 5,000-gallon cistern.

- Resident and retail recycling programs.